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- Chapter I -

Marks the inception of the Dgens NFT project. Key moments included Pre-Sale, Public Sale, Minting Out. Also, a massive delist raffle was held.


Dgens vibe differently... 1 week after reveal we will raffle the following prizes among random non-listed Dgens worth USD 25,000+:

Base 2.png
  • 1X Doodle NFT

  • 1X Cool Cats NFT

  • 10X  $USDT 1,000

  • 1 Million $Dyl coin

  • 1X 10,000 DOGE

  • 10X Wicked Cranium NFTs

  • 10X Ghostsprojects NFTs

  • 1000X Dgens Inc. Shares (building + dividends utility)


All Dgens are hand-drawn to perfection. All 180 plus traits are hand-curated, and the ones that don't make the cut... well, they end on the dump.

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